Guardianship Lawyer South Shore MA

    Attorney Mark A. Nolan has extensive experience representing guardianship matters.

    When a person does not have the ability to care for his or her daily needs, either due to incapacity, mental illness, addiction, developmental delays or just due to their young age, a Guardianship may be necessary.

    A guardianship allows an interested party to petition to be appointed a guardian to care for the needs of the person in order to protect them from harm. Guardianships can be obtained for persons of any age. Oftentimes with older people, physical can mental health problems can prevent them for properly carding for themselves.

    Other times, parent’s actions can require a Guardianship of a Minor. Unfortunately today, drug and/or alcohol abuse can create serious problems where someone is in jeopardy of losing their custodial or parental rights. This is a time-sensitive period where a Guardianship can be critical.

    If you know a parent who is struggling with issues such as addiction, mental health, emotional problems or other issues that interfere with their ability to parent, contact us immediately; especially if the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) is involved. Obtaining a Guardianship PRIOR to DCF obtaining custody can be the best way to resolve such a situation before it escalates to an untenable situation. Obtaining Emergency Guardianship will oftentimes diffuse a terrible situation and force DCF to rethink their position.

    Once DCF takes custody of children, it is then incumbent upon the biological parents to prove that they are fit in order for them to get their children back. It is also in DCF’s discretion as to whom they place the children with and under what circumstances. In these types of cases, it sometimes is literally a race to the courthouse between a loving family member or DCF to see who obtains custody of children.

    Oftentimes, a person in need of a guardianship may also need a Conservator, who assists in protecting their assets. The Law Offices of Nolan and Nolan, P.C. have assisted countless individuals who are seeking Guardianship over a loved one. If you have a question about obtaining Guardianship and/or Conservatorship, give us a call in order to set up a free consultation.